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Website Blocker
Website Blocker - This application helps you prevent other users from accessing certain webpages.
It is easy to use, but you have to be careful: if you ignore some settings, you might get a bit different result from what you are aimed at, like not very efficient webpage blocking.
Mr. Runner 2: The Masks
Mr. Runner 2: The Masks - Mr. Runner 2: The Masks is an entertaining game for Mac.
A fun game. It is difficult to play sometimes, but these challenges make the game interesting.
cmdQuit - This program helps you immediately close apps on your Mac.
A useful application for quick program closing. I use it when I do not have time to exit each app manually and have to quickly turn my Mac off.
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When Pigs Fly Free
When Pigs Fly Free - When Pigs Fly Free is a lovely game for little kids.
It is fun and enjoyable. It helps to relax after a hard working day.
Mahjong Tokyo
Mahjong Tokyo - This is a Mahjong game of the Japanese style rule.
I truly enjoy Mahjong games. They help to relax and improve brain activity.
Frederic - Resurrection of Music
Frederic - Resurrection of Music - A musical rhythm game where letters on the keyboard correspond to piano keys.
The game is neither too difficult, nor too simple. It is not very convenient that you cannot change the difficulty level when the game is started.
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