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Pop groups of balls of the same colour in an addictive arcade game.
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Bubble is a very simple yet very addictive arcade game. The objective of this game is to pop groups of balls of the same color. The bigger the group is, the more points you will get for popping them. The game is completed when you clear the board, but if you are left with balls on the board and you have no moves left, you will lose. This happens when the last remaining balls are of different colors.

Bubble is a simple game, but it does require at least some strategy to score high and to finish each level. Thankfully, for users who don't like complicated games, this one displays the number of balls of each color at the beginning of the level, and when you click on a group of balls, you will see how many have been selected. The second time you click on a group, you will clear it from the board.

There are a few different skins that you can choose to play when you get bored of the colored balls. The skins replace the balls with 3D balls, butterflies, different shapes, flowers, toys, and sport balls. A little variety is always welcome.

In conclusion, I like this game despite its simpleness. It has only one game mode and the only objective is to score higher every time that you play. And that is one of the best incentives to play a game that anyone can give me.

José Fernández
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  • Full-screen mode
  • Different skins
  • Addictive


  • No difficulty settings
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