Virtual City

A simulation game about creating and running a city.
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Assume control over a virtual area for building and improving a city. Use simulation mechanics to add buildings, roads, parks, industrial objects, special zones, etc. Keep track of the urban economy and ensure the creation of workplaces, increase financial earnings, etc.

Virtual City is a complex and entertaining city simulator. The aim of this game is to build a powerful economic city. The gameplay puts you in the position of a small town mayor that has to manage and develop it. Since this is an economy based strategy game you will have to grow the industry by enhancing the transport routes and developing the public transit system. As you advance throughout the game, you will have the chance to explore five states (Colorado, California, Michigan, Montana and New York) each with their own individual characteristics.

The game play is quite intricate since you have to manage six different parameters (Time, Income, Environment, Population, and Happiness) in order to complete the mission scenario and levels. You will have to face over fifty levels, eighteen distinct mission scenarios and gain sixteen achievements.

What I liked about this game is the fact that you are able to chose from over fifty building types, over twenty tradable goods and seven production chains that make it very challenging and addictive. Virtual City is also available for multiple portable devices, such as: IPad, IPhone, Android, Kindle and Nook.

To sum it all up, If you are looking for a complex and challenging simulator game then Virtual City might be the right choice for you.

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  • Nice looking graphics
  • Entertaining game-play
  • You can also play it for free


  • Requires a lot of system resources (RAM, VGA, CPU) thus low-end systems might no be able to run it

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This game allows to feel yourself a city leader. Your task is to make the city prosperous. This is a nice simulation.

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It turns out interesting to develop a city of your own. The game has simple graphics, but is interesting in play.

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