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This program helps you immediately close apps on your Mac.
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cmdQuit is a simple Menu Bar utility created for Mac users who require a simple and quick way to close all running apps. You can also use this application to immediately hide all windows from your desktop so that you can stay focused on your current task.

You can use various key combinations to hide or quit programs on your computer. Unfortunately, some are very difficult to remember, especially when you use a large amount of hotkeys on a daily basis. For this reason, apps like cmdQuit are developed.

This utility sits on your Menu Bar from where you can select the type of operation you need it to complete. The program also displays key combinations on the right side of each task. For instance, you can immediately close all running apps by hitting the Command+2 keys.

Furthermore, in the Preferences panel you will find an option to add or remove exceptions. To be more exact, you can decide which programs you want cmdQuit to ignore when closing apps on your Mac.

In addition, the program uses a very small amount of CPU resources while running on your Menu Bar. So, it won't slow down your Mac or interrupt your work.

With that being said, I'd say it's worth installing this free program on your Mac if you're looking for an easy way to hide or close running apps.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to handle
  • Immediately hides all windows from your screen
  • Quickly closes all apps
  • You can manage an exceptions list
  • Free


  • Haven't found any disadvantages
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