Deer Hunter Reloaded

Deer Hunter Reloaded 2.0

A fully 3D freemium first-person shooter that simulates big game hunting.

Deer Hunter Reloaded is a fully 3D freemium first-person shooter that simulates big game hunting. Players complete challenges of increasing difficulty in which they shoot to kill the animals presented to them - a task made more difficult by built-in unsteadiness-of-hand and the simulation of natural movement and fright responses.

Players are restricted by energy, which limits what challenges a player can attempt and which recharges slowly over time, by gold, which may be found in limited quantities in-game and is used to buy exclusive items, and by cash, which is given as a reward for player activity and is the game's primary form of currency. All are available for purchase with real money.

As players complete more challenges in the game, they unlock new costumes, more powerful guns, and new single-use items, which can be purchased using the in-game currencies described above. Upgraded guns with higher power and better scope become necessary as the challenges intensify in an implicit leveling-up system.

The game quickly loses its appeal as rewards taper off relative to the price of gun purchases necessary to proceed. If you don't mind making constant in-app purchases of ever-increasing size or spending a huge amount of time farming cash, give it a shot; if not, there are plenty of truly free first-person shooter alternatives out there.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Decent graphics in a novel game environment make for an engaging experience
  • Stampede Mode" available to play without restriction


  • Frustrating limits on player's freedom of motion in-game
  • Steep difficulty curve necessitates an open wallet or a lot of patience
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