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Lola's Alphabet Train 4.0

All aboard the learning train for a fun time!
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Lola's Alphabet Train is a collection of educational games for little children that will help them learn new content while they have fun. The games are played with a cute panda called Lola who will guide the kids. The games help the kids mainly to recognize the letters of the alphabet and learn new vocabulary. The panda will take the kids from game to game by a cute train. The games include dragging and dropping, in which the kids need to drag the letters to the corresponding spaces to form a certain word shown with an image. Another game consists in just touching the letter shown. There is also a nice memory game, in which the kids need to match the corresponding pairs by memory. The cards mainly include the first letters of animals with an image of the animal in question.
For every correct answer, the kid will be awarded coins, which he can later use to buy a present from the shop. There are lots of objects with different prices and they must drag the present they want from the shop window to the train. The game offers colorful nice graphics, clear sounds, and suitable music, but it is a bit repetitive. The game is available in multiple languages that you can change directly from the user interface. There's also a section for parents which shows the instructions and other similar games to download or buy.
All in all, if you are looking for a nice educational game for your little one, Lola's Alphabet Train may be a great choice.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Educational
  • Multiple games
  • Cute graphics


  • Repetitive music
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