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A nice arcade game, which is ideal to play during long and short breaks.
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Flap Flap is a nice arcade game which is ideal to play during long and short breaks when you are nervous, want to relax or are waiting for a bus and in many other situations.

The game is very easy to play. The only thing you have to do is to tap the screen or click to flap the wings and direct the bird continuously to the right so that it would avoid obstacles and beat a highscore. It is harder to control the bird by clicking the mouse than tapping the screen of iPhone or iPad.

There is no variation or evolution in the gameplay as the obstacles always have the same gap between and there is no end to the running track, that is why it could be a bit monotonous. However, nice relaxing music and funny sound effects obviously serve as the advantages of the game.

In conclusion, it is necessary to point out that many people complain for the level of difficulty, although if you have already got acquainted with Flappy Bird, it would not be a problem to play Flap Flap as the games are very alike.

Helen Shettler
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  • There is an easy mode
  • Nice music
  • You can use a keyboard, mouse or touchpad to play


  • The game is difficult to play by clicking a mouse
  • It is rather monotonous
  • It can't be restarted
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