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The Journey Down: Chapter Two is a point-and-click adventure game.
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The Journey Down: Chapter Two is a point-and-click adventure game with an engaging story and singular style. After the success of the first chapter, last month SkyGoblin released the second title of the saga that will be completed with a third episode, currently in production. With the addition of new characters and new challenges, The Journey Down: Chapter Two was definitely worth the wait.

The Journey Down: Chapter Two continues the story of Bwana, a cheerful, dreadlocked pilot who has a special mission. The game starts just where the previous chapter left off, when his plane crashes and is rescued by the crew of the Biko ship. Trouble finds Bwana and his friends as soon as they reach land, and it is your task to help them out.

Without getting into the spoiler territory, the story of this chapter is set on the mysterious town of Port Artue, a foggy, dark, and rainy city where illegality and corrupt politicians are commonplace. There, our fellow Bwana gets quickly involved into a series of strange events as he attempts to unveil the mystery of the Underland and find the truth about his father, Captain Kaonandodo.

Over the course of the episode, Bwana will have to explore the seedy streets of Port Artue and walk through its many locations, interacting with the characters he encounters and solving puzzles of varying difficulty. These involve the most diverse situations, typically, figure out how to open a locked room, find objects that you can trade with random characters, find a way to fool the guards of a club, among many many others. There are plenty of tools to collect along the way, and it's up to you to figure out how to use them to solve a puzzle. There isn't a guide or a list of goals to achieve as you unlock a new location, so it's all up to your intuition and puzzle-solving skills, as well as your attention to every detail and dialog. Probably, an interactive map would help to avoid walking all the way from one location to another.

As for the game visuals, they are incredibly detailed and pretty, creating a unique atmosphere of suspense and humor that works very well. Its fantastic, jazzy soundtrack makes the game all the more enjoyable. In short, The Journey Down: The Chapter Two is a title that all fans of adventure games must experience.

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  • Unique story characters
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Great visuals
  • Fantastic soundtrack!


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The strong side of the game is the story continuation. It is a well-created second part of the adventure of a pilot. Pretty enjoyable.

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