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Screen Snake 5.3

A customizable game of Snake that uses whatever's on the screen as its backdrop.
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Screen Snake is a customizable game of Snake that uses whatever's on the screen as its backdrop. It keeps a high score, although the scoring rules are never explicitly stated, and it supports (barely) a second player at the same keyboard. Auto-saving and the ability to"mirror" (turn the snake around in a single move) are available as in-app purchases.

The application has customization options for both appearance and gameplay. The screen is subdivided into a grid, which can be made fine or blocky, thereby changing the arena size for the snake. Then the snake takes off automatically, turning towards mouse clicks or responding to one of several directional keyboard command schemes. While a second player can be added in on a different part of the keyboard, the current version requires one selection of "QSDZ" in order to get the "ASDW" layout, and vice versa. There's nothing unusual about the game once you get it to set up except for the ability to monitor other windows simultaneous to playing. There are quite a few cosmetic adjustments that can be made, including "Disco Mode" to turn the snake into a spasming rainbow, and there is also the option to constantly increase length and add (invisible) walls to the edge of the screen, although such options usually make for a short-lived game.

Sam's Protip: Want to fast forward a bit to controlling a longer snake? Turn on constant-grow and then turn it off before the snake wraps around the screen completely.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Diversity of features
  • Permits full-screen play simultaneous to monitoring of other applications
  • Can be hidden or paused at a click's notice


  • Customizability features are haphazard and not well-explained
  • Obvious time-killer with no gameplay innovation
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