Paintbrush 2.5

Get access to various drawing tools similar to the ones from Windows' Paint.
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Soggy Waffles

Paintbrush is a drawing tool that's pretty similar to Windows' Paint or MacPaint utilities. The program brings you a straightforward interface, gives you access to easy-to-configure drawing tools, and enables you to import content from your clipboard and export it as an image file.

The drawing window is separated from the Tools screen. You can move these two windows anywhere you like on your desktop. Each built-in drawing tool comes with easy-to-configure settings, so minimum graphic design experience is required in order to work with Paintbrush.

In my testing, all of the integrated editing tools worked flawlessly. However, I found an important problem when trying to save my work: the program occasionally failed to save and/or export the resulting image. Nothing happened when I clicked the "Save" and "Save As" buttons.

Another disadvantage is that the utility features a small number of drawing tools and text editing options. Other image editors (some are also open sources) provide you with more features and work flawlessly.

So, in my opinion, it doesn't worth downloading and installing this tool on your Mac, especially if you're looking for a feature-rich drawing utility. You can easily find better solutions.

Ashley Griggs
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  • You can create new image from clipboard content
  • Brings you easy-to-configure settings
  • You can undo as many actions as you like


  • Occasionally fails to export any files
  • Provides you with a small amount of drawing tools and text options
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