Color by Numbers - Flowers

Color by Numbers - Flowers 2.1

Painting by Numbers is a fun coloring game for your children.

Color by Numbers - Flowers is a lovely coloring application that includes lots of pictures of flowers to paint. The program includes three coloring methods to choose from. There is one in which you have to color the picture by following the numbers; another in which you also must follow the numbers, but the image is divided into several small pieces, so you have to color it to discover what is in it; and there is one in which you can paint the picture anyway you want.

The image can be cleared completely in case you want to start again and you can also undo your last change. The palette of colors isn't very diverse, but you can customize the colors from the bar that is located in the upper part of the menu. The program runs in full screen mode, so your kids won't be able to minimize it, thus having access to the files on your computer. Unfortunately, the trial version only allows you to paint one image and you cannot print the drawings, which is really a shame. The program features a colorful user interface, nice sounds, and pleasant music.

In short, if you are looking for a nice coloring application for your kids, Color by Numbers - Flowers may work for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of images
  • Nice user interface
  • The program runs in full screen


  • No printing capabilities
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