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A Monster Ate My Homework 1.4

A Monster Ate My Homework is an enjoyable and original game.
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A Monster Ate My Homework is an enjoyable and original game in which you need to shoot at square monsters to make them fall from a big box. At the same time, you should be careful not to drop your books (homework) or you will lose a star for each of them. If you lose them all, you will need to play that level from scratch. The fewer number of shots you use to accomplish the levels and the more stars you get, the higher your score will be. A great thing is you can rotate around the big box, so you can find the most suitable angle to shoot down the monsters faster and without dropping the homework.

The game includes four different grades with multiple levels each, which will be unlocked progressively as you advance in the game. Once you have completed all the levels in a grade, you will unlock the other and so on. The game offers simple, but very attractive graphics, and you can select the screen resolution and graphics quality before you start the game. Moreover, game controls can be customized from the menu. Sounds are good and realistic, and the music is very suitable, but a bit repetitive. There are lots of achievements that you can get by completing the levels under certain conditions.

In short, A Monster Ate My Homework is a simple but enjoyable game for kids and adults alike, and in my opinion, it deserves a try.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Enjoyable
  • Multiple grades
  • Achievements
  • Nice sounds
  • Free


  • Repetitive music
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