Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies 2.1

Use different tools to build machines and get the birds' eggs.
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Rovio Entertainment Ltd
Assume the role of green pigs from the Angry Birds franchise and build various machines using dozens of objects to reach the eggs. Get three stars in each level and unlock additional puzzles or gather all skulls to play a special level. The game includes 120 levels.

Bad Piggies is a great arcade/puzzle game for the Mac. It is made by Rovio Entertainment, creators of the Angry Birds franchise. It features the Bad Piggies, the archenemies of the Angry Birds. In this game, you need to help the piggies find pieces of a map that will take them to a nest where they can feast on eggs. To do that, you are given pieces that you can use to build vehicles that will transport the piggies from one end of the map to other. In the first few levels, you build vehicles with only wheels which move on the ground. As you progress through the game, new parts can be added to the vehicles. For example, after the first few levels, you are given a propulsor and a fan that you can turn and off to adjust the speed of the vehicle. In the more advanced levels, you can build flying machines with wings, propellers and more.

The score that you will get after each level depends on three factors. First, you have to complete on the allotted time. Secondly, in some levels, you need to grab a star that will be located along your way to the end of the level. Lastly, your vehicle needs to be intact when you finish the level, or you will be penalized. Your objective is to complete each level with a rating of three stars, which might sound easy, but it is not.

In most levels, you are given hints on how to build your vehicles. You should take note of these hints since they are very useful.

I really enjoyed my time with this game, and I am going to keep it on my Mac for whenever I need to kill some time. The game features excellent graphics, and a ton of levels. Rovio really makes great game and this one is proof of that.

José Fernández
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