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A fun brain training game that is made up of three modes.
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Bubble Mix is a fun brain training game that is made up of three modes: Bubble Shooter, Invasion and Remove.
In Shooter mode you have to shoot bubbles in the appropriate place so that a cluster of three or more bubbles of the same color is made. When this happens, the cluster disappears. What is interesting is that there are bubbles that choose their color between two possible ones, depending on what kind of bubbles they land near.

The game will have a faster pace as you get from one level to another and you will discover that it is effective in training your attention. Invasion mode requires that you tap on clusters made up of two or more bubbles of the same color, while new bubbles keep falling on the board. You have to try and keep the board as clear as possible, for as long as possible. Finally, “Remove” presents you with the board covered up in colored bubbles and, again, you have to pay attention and look for clusters so that you can clear up the board.

Appropriate for children and fun for adults, Bubble Mix is good for training attention, learning to develop simple strategies and also for recreation purposes.

Margie Smeer
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  • Good for training attention
  • Relaxing


  • There is no option to start the game directly from a higher level of difficulty
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