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Memory Master Free is a memory game that resembles the original "Simon".
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Memory Master Free is a memory game that resembles the original "Simon". If you have never played Simon, the original game is an electronic device that shows colours and gives sound tones in a sequence. You have to repeat the colors played in the right order to advance. Each time you advance, an additional color is played, and you have to repeat that in order as well. The game becomes increasingly difficult as you play it. Memory Master Free lets you play this game, but instead of having 4 colors as in Simon, there are 8 different colors. It can get messy, real fast. The paid version comes with a 2-button, 4-button, and 6-button game.

The 8-button game that you can play for free is good enough, though. It can be really challenging. There is a replay feature that plays back the lights and tones if you missed them or don't remember them right, but this feature can only be used three times per game.

I thought the game was fun, but I came across a problem. When I wanted to play back the colors, I noticed that I was clicking too fast, and many times It happened that I was clicking on the wrong colors, because the application didn't detect my clicks. In other words, I was clicking faster than the app could react, which is unacceptable. If this was fixed, the game would be a solid 5.

José Fernández
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  • Great fun
  • Challenging
  • Easy installation
  • Free


  • The app is too slow to react to your clicks
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