DivX Plus Player

DivX Plus Player 9.1

A video player capable of reading DIVX and other file formats.

DivX Plus Player is a video playback application capable of reading DIVX and other video file formats. It stores a library of videos played and has the ability to manage playlists. It can also download and play videos from URLs and video-on-demand (VOD) providers.

I did not experience great success while trying out DivX Player. I've had it sitting on my computer, only acknowledging its existence when prompted to execute a manual update process, which I've always dutifully completed just in case I needed the application. However, attempting to play MOV files crashes the program; MPEG playback results in a white screen; WMV files require "Additional Software" that is nowhere to be found on the linked site; audio files cannot be loaded at all. AVI files load fine, as do DIVX files (as one would hope!).

The actual interface of the program is also subpar. The library screen, probably an irrelevant feature for most users, shows up over the top of videos even as they play, and can only be hidden using a menu command or a small button in the corner of the screen. There is no indicator outside the library of what video is currently being played. Yuck.

I'd say avoid this application altogether unless you happen to have some DRM-protected DivX videos on hand. I certainly won't be going out of my way to perform updates from now on.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Exclusive playback of purchased DivX movies
  • Can keep a library of videos, complete with playlists


  • Every recent update has required manual reinstallation
  • Appears unable to handle many standard video formats
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