Aa Match Preschool Alphabet

Aa Match Preschool Alphabet 1.0

Aa Match Preschool Alphabet helps kids learn the alphabet.

Aa Match Preschool Alphabet is a lovely memory game for kids that will help them learn the alphabet in a fun way. The kids will have to reveal letters and match the capital letters with their lower-case counterparts. When kids reveal a letter, its name is pronounced; and when they make a match, those cards remain on the screen until the end of the game, so that kids can hover the mouse over them to hear their pronunciation one more time. If they want to play again, kids must click on the red balloon that reads 'replay'.

The game offers multiple levels for different ages and skills. The easiest level starts with four cards and it goes up in multiples of 2 up to 24 cards. The game has a very simple user interface for kids and is run in full screen, so that they have no access to your computer. There are lovely sounds and when a game is over, a nice song with the alphabet is played.

In short, if you are looking for a game that will help your kids learn the alphabet faster while they are having fun, Aa Match Preschool Alphabet may work for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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