NewsBee 1.3

This app is a Menu Bar news reader for Mac computers.

NewsBee is a RSS tool for Mac computers that displays the latest news from various online sources, like CNN, LifeHacker, Reddit, and many others. The program sits quietly on your Menu Bar without using a large amount of CPU resources and provides you with the newest stories from the aforementioned websites.

After you select the preferred news provider from the Preferences menu (Google News, LifeHacker, CNN, etc.), on its main menu the application displays a list containing recent stories (located on your Menu Bar). You can always add other news websites to the app's tracking list.

Another advantage of this RSS tool is that it shows pop-up windows next to the news titles within the stories list. This way, you can preview the articles before opening them with your default browser.

I'd like to add that the news feed refreshes automatically every 60 minutes. There is a manual refresh option as well if you’d like to get updates sooner. This application offers you everything you could require from a RSS tool.

To conclude, NewsBee is a program that comes in handy to users who wish to keep track of the latest global news without searching with the default browser. The app is very simple to handle, gives you access to the newest articles on the web, and comes without a price tag.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Gives you access to news from various sources (CNN, LifeHacker, etc.)
  • Lets you customize the news sites list according to your needs


  • Unable to schedule news feed refreshes
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