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MILLIONS OF ALIENS WILL DIE Radiant Defense is a defense game set in a vibrant universe invaded by countless alien hordes.
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Radiant Defense is a free tower defense game for the Mac. The first thing I noticed about this game is that it looks great and a lot of effort was put into its design. Like in other tower defense game, your objective is to stop enemies from getting to a certain location on the map. In this case, an alien invasion is started through a vortex, but you have the technology to control when the aliens can come through the vortex and the path that they take. When too many aliens get through your defenses, you will lose the mission, but you can play it again.

Unlike other tower defense games, this one requires you to build special structures to gain access to more powerful weapons. There is a lab that you have to build to get access to the more advanced weapons, and after that, there are two or three other structures that you must build to unlock other weapons. I like that you can block the path of the aliens with modules. This lets you slow them down and carry out your defense strategy just the way you want.

As far as weapons go, you will find pretty much the same types of weapons that you find in other tower defense games. There are cannons, bombs, lasers, incinerators, etc. Some weapons target single enemies and others, groups. There are also weapons that can slow down enemies for a short period of time.

In short, Radiant Defense is a nice tower defense game. It is free, but there are some locked levels that you can purchase via In-App purchases.

José Fernández
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