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Graphic design tool for Mac to create headings, logos, icons and buttons.
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Art Text is an application that allows users to create headings, buttons, icons and logos. It does within an intuitive and simple to use graphic interface. The utility comes with a wide range of templates, along with other tools designed to speed up your work.

Art Text provides a flexible and fully customizable environment. You can start off by selecting a template or designing the text / graphic based project from scratch. The right side panels provide access to a large number of effects, geometrical transformations as well as predefined styles for buttons, icons and headings.

The main window allows you to resize each of the items added to the layout. You can specify the colors, gradients, strokes, shadows and glow effects used. The support for layers extends the application's functionality aiming at power users.

Export is available in either PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF or EPS formats.

Overall, the application offers a smart and intuitive solution for creating text art. It includes many high quality templates, textures, layers and effects that should especially appeal to web designers.

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It is a handy utility for logo design. It provides layers which make the work comfortable.

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Bob Brown
I found Art Text 2 to be very useful for building logos, signs and such. I seems to be well worth the cost… AT2 lives up to all of my expectations of a professional polished product.

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It is easy to work with this program, especially if you have dealt with other layer using programs. The main disadvantage of the program that I see is its relatively high cost.

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