Worms Special Edition

Worms Special Edition 1.0

Worms Special Edition is the classic Worms game for the Mac.

Worms Special Edition is the classic Worms game for Mac. I am very happy that this game has finally made it to the App Store. I have great memories of my youth playing this game with friends at home. Worms is a turn-based strategy game in which you take command of a squad of comic worms. The objective of the game is to kill every worm in the opposing team. Whoever remains standing at the end of a round is the winner. To kill each other, you have a vast array of weapons and tricks that you can use. A worm is killed when it loses its health or when it drowns in the water. The maps feature high definition graphics and the terrain is destructible. At the end of a round of Worms, the map looks totally different to what it looked like when the round started.

Worms Special Edition features different game modes. You can play custom or quick matches against a computer opponent, or play with up to four friends on your computer. There isn't online multiplayer support, which would be great.

Your arsenal includes 46 different weapons. There are weapons from the older Worms games and 12 new ones.

This game lets you customize your worms' skins, their victory dances, their gravestones and their voices.

In conclusion, Worms Special Edition is a great strategy game. It is incredibly fun to play and it is a great way to kill time. Of course, the game is more fun when you are playing against your friends. Other than the ability to customize your worms and the new weapons, I don't see anything else special about this version. I am just thankful that it is available for Mac.

José Fernández
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