ScummVM 2.1

Program which allows you to run certain classic adventure games.

ScummVM is an emulator for certain dated PC games. Initially created to support LucasArts games, its compatibility has since expanded to include a large range of titles from a variety of publishers, albeit still with a bias towards point-and-click adventure games.

Five freebies that run on ScummVM are available from the project website, including Beneath a Steel Sky, a classic in the point-and-click adventure genre. Running any of the other supported applications requires original program files which may or may not be easy to come about.

ScummVM reproduces the games with a generally high level of fidelity, and provides various graphical and audio options which can be global or game-specific. It also provides the ability to load a save point directly, which is nifty. Unfortunately none of this is accessible once a game is running, and no clue is given about the often arcane keyboard controls that came with these programs, which may leave you mashing your keyboard despite the games' focus on mouse control.

Sam's Protip: The F5 key is your friend. Pressing it will bring up the save and options dialog in most of these games.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Graphical smoothing and audio device selection supported
  • Variety of games supported, some of which are freeware


  • Cannot use ScummVM interface, except for debug console, once a game is running
  • Figuring out how to save in-game can be a significant challenge
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