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Installed 6 years ago
System Information
System Information - System Information provides detailed information about your computer’s hardware, software and network in an easy-to-read layout.
Bluetooth File Exchange
Bluetooth File Exchange - Makes it easy to share files between your Mac and Bluetooth-enabled devices.
Removed 6 years ago
DCommander - Two-pane file manager that gives you full control over your computer's filesystem.
CSVEdit - Provides you with great editing features for CSV (comma separated values) files.
Installed 6 years ago
Perfect Effects 8
Perfect Effects 8 - Perfect Effects 8 is an app that allows you to create photos.
Cashculator Free
Cashculator Free - Cashculator - The Mac way to track your cashflow!
Locko - This program helps you store your private info in one place.
Removed 6 years ago
CloudApp - Take snapshots and record screen activity on your Mac.
ForkLift - File Manager and FTP/SFTP/WebDAV/Amazon S3 client
ForkLift - File Manager and FTP/SFTP/WebDAV/Amazon S3 client - ForkLift is a robust and elegant file manager and FTP/SFTP client...
Tembo - Find Files
Tembo - Find Files - Helps you find any file, contact or bookmark you need.
Updated 6 years ago
Pages - A document editor for formatted text that provides a Mac alternative to Word.
Removed 6 years ago
Mavericks Cache Cleaner
Mavericks Cache Cleaner - This Mac application helps you optimize your system's performance.
KaraokeTube - Feature rich and friendly Karaoke app! Express yourself! Songs on many languages
Triumph - Most powerful, innovative and versatile mutli-channel audio designer.
Installed 6 years ago
Safari - Safari 5 is a web browser made by Apple for the Mac.
Mail - Mail offers an elegant full-screen interface that makes it easy to manage all your email from a single, ad-free inbox.
iTunes - iTunes is built-in Mac software which does far more than just play tunes.