FileChute 4.6

FileChute offers an easier way to send large files.

FileChute is an app that makes it easy to share files. If you have a MobileMe account, the application will automatically upload any files that you want to share to MobileMe's servers and provide you with a download link that you can send to anyone, regardless of the platform they are working on. MobileMe doesn't accept any more subscriptions, and it will stop working soon, since Apple introduced a new service. However, FileChute also works with FTP and WebDAV servers.

When you first launch the application, you will be welcomed by an instructions window. Here, you will find important information on how the app works and a link to the setup window, where you can add multiple accounts. You can add MobileMe, FTP and WebDAV accounts, which can run simultaneously. When you are ready to share a file, all you have to do is drop it onto the application, and FileChute will do the rest. There is a text field where your links will be found. You can share that link any way you want (e-mail, IM chat, etc).

In short, FileChute should be very useful for people who want to share files with other people who don't know how or won't setup accounts on sharing websites. Using FileChute, they can download the file that you are sharing with them quite easily.

José Fernández
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