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Vienna was designed to make sorting through your online information easier. On a daily basis you are hit with posts on your Facebook wall, all those tweets that you ought to read through, and all the online news feeds that keep you posted on the latest trends. Vienna is made to be your central location with its simplistic interface for all of those posts and news.

Many people will find this program very useful in their life, especially those who have at least two accounts on various social networking websites, Facebook and Twitter for example. Wouldn't it be cool to have all of your new tweets and posts delivered to one centralized location? Well, your answer is Vienna. All of your posts, news, tweets are organized into categories, and all you have to do is click through their tittles and read what your peeps are saying. It's like reading a newspaper by its headlines. If a headline catches your eye, you can go on and read the full article inside.

It wasn't enough for the developers just to create a centralized interface for all the social networking websites and RSS feeds: they took this whole thing to the next level with giving you an option to share a news item or a feed with your Facebook friends or Followers on Twitter.

Overall, the idea is great. Rather than opening a page after page and checking what's new, you know what's new in your social life by just opening this program. You can quickly read what is interesting and move on doing something else. The program is free, and the developers are working hard to include more features. Since it is free, you won't lose much by trying it out.

Joshua Wrightwood
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