KompoZer 2.2

KompoZer is a simple-to-use web authoring application.

KompoZer is a web authoring system that was especially designed for novice users. In simple terms, KompoZer will allow any users to develop a website without needing to master any kind of web programming language skills. This handy application will automatically generate the required HTML coding for the layout of the pages based on what you design. You will be able to easily switch between the graphical design and the HTML code in order to make changes to the design of the webpage. This feature is especially useful for more advanced users since it allows them to perform fine tuning to the page design that are not otherwise possible from the KompoZer design window. It can also allow beginner web developers to see how the code structure of a webpage should look like.

As previously stated, KompoZer is oriented towards beginner users since it allows them to build and entire website with little to no HTML or web coding know-how. Simply drag-and-drop or use the insert function to embed the desired elements, like text, links, images or tables on the page. Novice users will also appreciate the tabbed editing function that will make working on multiple pages a snap. KompoZer also provides a FTP site manager, CSS editor, customizable toolbars, automated spellchecker, DOM explorer and many more other useful features.

All in all, KompoZer is a simple-to-use web authoring system oriented towards beginner users that allows them to easily create and edit content-rich websites.

Mario Procione
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  • Simple to use interface
  • Especially designed for novice users
  • Offered for free


  • Not very system resource friendly
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