SimpleScrobbler 2.0 scrobbler without all the bells and whistles.
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SimpleScrobbler is a scrobbler without all the bells and whistles. A Mac App that lives in your status bar and leaves a smaller footprint on your computer.
SimpleScrobbler gives you:
✔ Simplicity. SimpleScrobbler has one purpose: Scrobble your iTunes tracks.
✔ Silence. Scrobbles your iTunes tracks silently from the status bar. We won't bug you. Ever.
✔ Vigilance. Watches your iTunes playlist like a hawk. If you listened to it, we scrobbled it.
✔ Reliability. It just works. Everytime. If you are offline, your scrobbles will be queued until they can be sent.

SimpleScrobbler doesn't give you:
✘ Love track functionality.
✘ Ban track functionality.
✘ Streaming, sharing, playlists, recommendations, neighbors, profiles or any of the other bloatware found in other apps.

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