Hands Off!

Hands Off! 4.4

It helps you prevent running apps from accessing the Internet.

Hands Off! is a Mac program that provides you with an easy and quick way to prevent any of your running utilities from accessing the Internet. By working with this application you can prevent sending sensitive information without your approval.

The utility features a straightforward interface, comes with simple to configure settings, and uses minimum CPU resources. You can add, delete, and disable as many rules as you like. The program gives you access to a wide variety of rules which can be applied for your entire app collection or only for a certain utility.

For example, you can add a rule to deny Safari any incoming connections. The application lets you edit this rule whenever you like.

An advantage is the fact that you can export your rules list to a HOR file. This feature might prove to be of good use if you wish to handle multiple rules list. For instance, you can use one list while at work and another being at home.

Another important aspect is that the program comes with a network monitoring utility. This tool comes in handy if you need to keep an eye on the system network connections directly from your desktop.

Cutting a long story short, it's definitely worth buying this program for your Mac if you wish to prevent apps from accessing the Internet. The app is efficient and doesn't slow down the performance of your computer.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Uses minimum CPU resources
  • You can easily add, delete or disable rules
  • Allows you to export your sets of rules


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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