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SnapNDrag Pro 4.4

Make, organize, annotate and share screenshots from a single app.

SnapNDrag Pro is intended for making screenshots. If you are wondering why you would need such an app if there is one built in your system, let me tell you that this one supports not only capturing images from the screen but also organizing, annotating and sharing them. Good news is that this tool can grab images from not only the main screen but also any other screen on your system. It is very straightforward but definitely not as easy to use as the built-in screen capture utility.

The application supports four main capture modes: Selection, Window, Screen and Timed. The first three are self-explicable while the last one means that an automatic shot of your screen is taken after a given number of seconds. Regrettably, the tool does not seem to support capturing a scrolling window.

Luckily, although you can take shots from the app’s window, it is also possible to keep it running in the background and use the corresponding hotkeys instead. What is more, you can assign custom key combinations if you prefer so. Other possible options are picking the target format (JPG, TIFF, PNG and GIF) as well as setting a given scale.

One of the benefits you get from using SnapNDrag is that it allows organizing your screenshots in a set of custom folders. Likewise, you can rename the images both individually and in batches. There is even a search feature to find a specific screenshot. Moreover, when you erase an image, it goes to the tool’s own Trash, from where you can recover it in case something goes wrong.

Luckily, there is a built-in editor to make annotations and small changes to the captured images. In this respect, you can add text and draw rectangles and ovals. Besides, it is possible to crop the image as well as blur and highlight a specific region. Finally, there is also a collection of stickers to choose from.

Once your images are ready, you can easily share them with just pressing a button. Various ways are supported, such as posting them on social networks, like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. Similarly, you can simply send them by email, AirDrop and Messages.

In general, SnapNDrag can boost your productivity if you frequently need to take screenshots. The product is available from both the developer’s site and the Mac Store. There is also a standard version with fewer features.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports taking shots of screens other than the main one
  • Supports various capture modes
  • Supports various output image formats
  • Allows annotating screenshots
  • Lets you directly share screenshots
  • Allows organizing screenshots in a set of folders, including its own Trash
  • Supports batch renaming


  • Cannot capture a scrolling window
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