FaceTime 5.0

Makes video calls to contacts on Mac and iOS.
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Establish a video connection between your Mac and other Apple devices via the dedicated application supporting live translations from a compatible camera. It supports signals from iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod touch, etc. The program requires registration with Apple ID.

FaceTime is a video calling application developed by Apple. FaceTime was announced when the iPhone 4 shipped, which came with an application called FaceTime that allowed users to video call each other. At first, only users of the iPhone 4 could use that feature, but then iPod Touch and Mac OS X were added as supported platforms. Thus, if you use one of the supported platforms, you can have a video call with any other FaceTime user. There is a rumor that the new iPad will also have a front-facing camera that will add the iPad to the supported devices list.

On the Mac, FaceTime is a very smooth experience, even though the app is still in its beta stage. When you first run the app, it will run a very short Apple ID and e-mail verification process. The app uses your e-mail address to start and receive calls.

I tested this app calling a contact who had an iPhone 4. I could see and hear him and he could see and hear me just fine. The quality of the call was average. I would say it was like a Skype call. It will take some time before the technology behind FaceTime can be tweaked considerably to achieve great quality calls, but I trust Apple to come through with it.

José Fernández
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