Cookie 6.1

Protect your privacy while browsing the web on your computer.

Cookie is a utility designed to help you protect your privacy while browsing the web. With its help, you can immediately remove various types of data being stored in your default web browser, such as history, tracking cookies, cache, website preferences, and many others.

The program is compatible with many web browsers and gives you access to a setup assistant that helps you immediately configure Cookie's settings according to your needs. You just need to indicate the types of data you want to be removed, choose when it's the right time to do so, and Cookie will take care of the rest.

A great thing is that you can configure the utility to automatically remove the selected browser data as soon as you shut down your default web browser, at every X minutes or when your computer wakes up from sleep mode.

In my testing, I used Cookie to remove data from 3 web browsers: Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. The program immediately completed any given task without any issues.

In my opinion, Cookie is one of the best Mac tools for protecting your online privacy. It's easy to handle, works fast, offers you many useful advantages, and is affordable.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Compatible with various web browsers
  • Provides you with multiple cleaning options
  • You can schedule browser data cleanups


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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