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Access and view any ANSI content on a Mac.
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Stefan Vogt
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Check out a suite for opening, managing, and browsing ANSI images of all kinds in your system. Work with a built-in editor for viewing and modifying files in such internal formats as NFO, DIZ, and ASC while maintaining and adjusting high DPI values. Share your materials online.

Escapes is an ANSI NFO DIZ ASC viewer/editor for Mac OS X. Admire ANSi art of any kind. Easy. All types supported. Built-in editor for ASCII art (NFO, DIZ, ASC) and text files. Retina Engine: renders both ANSi and ASCII art in high DPI. Retina UI: a gorgeous interface and stunning file type icons. Be social. Share your favorite artworks on Twitter. Export ANSi / ASCII art to highly optimized PNG images. Investigate SAUCE records, it's all inside. Choose between ten classic and modern typefaces. 19 encodings available to save from one to the other. An optional viewer mode leaves precious files untouched. Tons of advanced settings, like .bin columns and iCE colors. Themes. Lots of them. Creating your own? Oh yeah. Clickable hyperlinks and auto-sizing document windows? Yep. Supported file types include (but are not limited to): ANSi (.ANS), Binary (.BIN), Artworx (.ADF), iCE Draw (.IDF), Xbin (.XB), PCBoard (.PCB), Tundra (.TND), ASCII (.ASC), Release info (.NFO), Description in zipfile (.DIZ) and text files. Note that a considerably improved variant of our well-known app Ascension is built-in. So with Escapes, you also get the world's most popular NFO viewer for Mac, completely revised and extended.
What's new in this version:
Rewritten ANSi rendering engine with massive performance improvements, custom scrollers that allow to focus more on contents, option to activate universal b/w scroller mode.

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