Set Alarm Time

Wake Up Time - Alarm Clock
Rocky Sand Studio
This program is a handy alarm clock app for your desktop. It has a nice design...
...set the app to fade the alarm volume. The snooze time ...Time - Alarm Clock comprises all...
Alarm Clock Pro
Koingo Software, Inc. & Josh Hoggan
Alarm Clock Pro is a utility that might prove to be of good use to anyone who needs to easily count time...
...needs to easily count time, set alarms or schedule to-dos...
My Alarm Clock
IAC Search & Media Technologies Limited
My Alarm Clock is a very complete alarm clock for your Mac. Most of the alarm...
...slider that lets you set the volume of ...that displays the time, your current alarms and weather...
InerziaTimer is a simple Mac utility that helps you measure time on your computer...
...multiple intervals of time (or time laps). InerziaTimer let ...audio file as an alarm sound. You can...
MP3 Alarm Clock
Sugar Cube Software
MP3 Alarm Clock is a very light, simple and useful alarm clock app. It allows you to set multiple alarm clocks which will play...
...set my alarm for. I simply chose 'today'. I set the time ...songs every time...
Kazuhiro Kawana
TimeRingFocus is a small and smart application that enables you to set an alarm timer. You set a time limit...
...you to set an alarm timer. You set a time limit and ...When the time runs out,...
Sleep Alarm Clock
Pocket Bits LLC
This nicely-designed Mac tool provides you with an alarm clock and a sleep...
...to set sound alarms to remind you when it's time to ...and set it as an alarm sound. Sleep...
Quitting Time
Quitting Time plays a factory whistle sound at a specified time of day. The developer's...
...it impossible to set the alarm for times between 12 and...
Bitten Apps
Alarm Tunes is /the easiest/ alarm app for your Mac. Open it, type in the alarm...
...type in the alarm time, choose the ...SNOOZE! - iTunes integration; - Set volume to 100%; - Easy...
Second Time
Pilots with a Mac
Second Time is an extra clock or “Second” clock for your Status Bar. Second Time shows the time in any Time Zone...
...Second Time shows the time in any Time Zone in ...the world. Just set the time...
Alinof Timer Pro
Alinof Software Ltd liab. Co.
Alinof TimerPro is an easy-to-use timer for your Mac. With this application, your time management will...
...With this application, your time management will be more ...timer, or to set an alarm time for when you...
Egg-Time Counter
Roger Meier
Egg-Time Counter is a very simple count-down timer for your desktop. To use this timer you just...
Egg-Time Counter is a ...just need to set the time in hour ...To sum up, Egg-Time Counter is just a...
Menu Alarm
XiaoChun Liu
Menu Alarm is a simple alarm application for your Mac. It installs in the menu bar so you can access...
...it with ease whenever setting new alarms is required. All ...date and the time for your alarm to go off...
Functions: -Check off the Alarm Mode option under Display on the right...
...set the alarm to ring at the designated time. -The alarm time...
Black Cat Timer
Black Cat Systems
Black Cat Timer is a multi-function Clock and Timer for the Macintosh...
...Alarm Clock - choosing the alarm clock allows you to set a single alarm time ......

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