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MP3 Alarm Clock is a very light, simple and useful alarm clock app.
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MP3 Alarm Clock is a very light, simple and useful alarm clock app. It allows you to set multiple alarm clocks which will play an MP3 song, when the alarm goes off. The app is incredibly light and very simple. The first time I launched it, I didn't think much of it. That is until I started creating an alarm and saw how many settings you can change.

The Alarm Editor has over 20 different settings that you can customize. But I will simply guide you through what I did to illustrate some of those features. First, I selected the days of the week I wanted to set my alarm for. I simply chose 'today'. I set the time and then, I loaded an MP3 file from my iTunes library and opened the advanced settings. Here is where it gets interesting. You can allow snoozing and set the snooze time to decrease (this is ideal for sleepy people like me). Then, you can choose a message to display with your alarm pop-up. You can also set the playlist to random, which is great if you want to use different songs every time the alarm goes off. Two more interesting things that you can enable are Unmute and Max System Volume and Gradually Increase Volume. These are pretty self-explanatory, but I think they are critical in an application like this.

José Fernández
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