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My Alarm Clock is a very complete alarm utility for your Mac.
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My Alarm Clock is a very complete utility that lets you go to bed or wake up with your favorite music. Most of the alarm applications that I have tried in the past were way too simple and limited in functionality, and some of them failed to even do something as simple as letting me choose a song to use as an alarm. In contrast, this utility has all the features that I need. First, it lets me add not one, but multiple alarms, all of which can be configured with different songs and/or sounds, and they can include a note. There is a configurable snooze feature for when you can't wake up just now. The alarms can be set to go off every day or, additionally, you can choose which days you want them to be active. There is a volume slider that lets you set the volume of the song, and there is also a fade in effect that increases the volume gradually.

My Alarm Clock does a great job of waking me up, and it can also help me go to sleep. There is a Sleep Timer that will play music for me for a specific time, and when the timer goes off, the music will be stopped.

This application can be used in Nightstand mode, which makes it a full-screen app that displays the time, your current alarms and weather information.

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José Fernández
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  • Weather information
  • Nightstand mode
  • iTunes integration
  • Sleep timer


  • The app can't unmute your Mac, so if you forgot you had an alarm set, and you mute your Mac, you will probably not wake up when the alarm goes off


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