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NeoAlarm is a very basic alarm clock app for your Mac.
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NeoAlarm is a very basic alarm clock app for your Mac. It allows you to set a few different types of alarms, but it has no support for multiple alarms running at the same time. The graphical user interface couldn't really be any simpler. It consists of a single, small window, with three different tabs. The first one shows the current time and the status of the alarm, the second one lets you set the time at which the alarm will go off. It uses a 12-hour format, and you have to select AM or PM manually. There are three types of alarms available. The app can either play one of the included sounds in a loop until you either dismiss it or snooze it, play an MP3 file or play a random song from your iTunes library. I couldn't get the iTunes feature to work, but that is probably because I have a new version of iTunes and the app doesn't seem to have been updated for a long time.

NeoAlarm works well and it has snooze support, however it has one fundamental flaw. It doesn't unmute your system when an alarm goes off. This is a very important feature for me in alarm apps. If my system is muted and I am depending on NeoAlarm, I may just miss the alarm.

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  • Easy to use
  • Good design


  • It doesn't unmute your Mac when an alarm goes off
  • The iTunes feature didn't work for me



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