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Free Plays a factory whistle sound at a specified time of day.
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Quitting Time plays a factory whistle sound at a specified time of day. The developer's intention was for this application to be used to signal the end of a workday, but it can be used as a general-purpose alarm for a specific time. However, the alarm sound cannot be changed from the default without delving into the package contents, and the current version sports a glitch that makes it impossible to set the alarm for times between 12 and 1 p.m. - making the application useless even for marking a lunch hour in an office.

With only one time slot and no accommodation for weekdays vs. weekends, this application lacks the features that seem to make it into even the most basic of modern alarm clock applications. Even the name of the application, "Quitting Time", is poorly chosen, since the user is presumedly not going to quit their job at the end of each workday - not to mention that it is poor form to set an alarm as if all work-related responsibilities cut off precisely at the tone of a bell.

It seems the application was developed as publicity for a nascent job-seeking website, but if this app reflects the effort they're planning to put into their site, I wouldn't expect it to be too successful, if it launches at all.

SL Senior editor
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  • Functions as described, almost


  • Doesn't accept times in the noon hour
  • Very limited functionality



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