Black Cat Timer 1.0

Multi-function alarm clock and countdown/elapsed timer
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Black Cat Timer is a multi-function Clock and Timer for the Macintosh. Use it as an alarm clock, a countdown timer, an elapsed timer, or set a schedule for alarms throughout the day or week!
Black Cat Timer functions as many different types of timers and clocks. Alarm Clock - choosing the alarm clock allows you to set a single alarm time Count Down - The count down timer allows you to choose a period of time until the alarm sounds, much like a standard kitchen timer. Elapsed Time - The elapsed timer functions as a stop watch, in which it begins to count off time from 0 seconds up. Timer Schedule - This is one of the most useful functions of Black Cat Timer. Enter in numerous alarm times over the course of any period of time. Keep track of your laundry schedule, when to start dinner, or expect guests. Each item can be named to keep track of what is coming up. Standard Clock - if no timer or alarm function is selected, Black Cat Timer functions as a standard clock



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