Apple's new MacOS and iOS patch fixes 'text bomb'

MacOS High Sierra, the latest operating system for Macs, may not be Apple's greatest work ever. The OS has had a lot of silly security related issues such as not having a default password for the root account or allowing admin users to use any password to login with the same account on the App Store and that's not all. The IT giant has now been forced to quickly launch a patch for both MacOS as well as iOS to fix a problem that's being referred to as a text bomb.

In case you haven't heard of this issue yet, it's related to the way the operating systems handle certain characters from foreign languages. Simply put, there were two Unicode symbols that crashed your Mac, iPhone, iPad or even Apple Watch. As soon as those characters would be displayed, the application they would appear in would crash and in some cases it wouldn't restart without being uninstalled and reinstalled first. The problem was officially reported on the 15th and now, five days later, Apple is already rolling out a patch to fix it, which I would recommend installing if you want to avoid getting trolled.

As I said in the beginning, Apple is currently going through a rough patch, as this is the second 'text bomb' to be discovered in the almost two months that have passed from 2018. The first one was related to a specific URL address, which would automatically crash High Sierra. Unfortunately for the IT giant, the iOS ecosystem isn't doing too great either since the company admitted to intentionally slowing down older iPhone because of battery issues and if this trend goes on, customers may begin to lose their faith in the Cupertino-based business.

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