Hasleo NTFS for Mac

Hasleo NTFS for Mac 4.0

Easily and securely read & write NTFS Drives on macOS & OS X.

Hasleo NTFS for Mac is intended to help you mount NTFS-formatted drives. Although it is true that macOS allows mounting NTFS volumes, it does not readily let you make any modifications to their contents. This app can overcome such limitations by allowing not only to read but also write data to them.

The application is very straightforward and unobtrusive. In fact, it does not have a separate window. In this respect, it is only available from its icon on the Menu Bar, which displays a very simple menu. The tool can automatically detect available drives with any file system, but only if you disable the Only Detect NTFS Volumes option. Then, just with a click you can mount or unmount any of displayed drives. Additionally, it is possible to set the tool to start along with your system.

All in all, Hasleo NTFS for Mac works just as described. However, it does have limitations. For instance, it does not offer to mount drives automatically. Fortunately, it can save you from the need of reformatting NTFS drives to access their contents in read/write mode. You may argue that the latest versions of macOS include support for writing to NTFS drives. Still, this feature is still experimental, and as such, there is no guarantee that it will work without any issues. Luckily, the product is free and downloadable from the developer’s website.

Pedro Castro
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  • Unobtrusive and straightforward
  • Can mount/unmount any kind of drive if you so desire
  • Can automatically start with the system


  • Cannot load drives automatically