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Removed 5 years ago
CleanMyMac 3
CleanMyMac 3 - Clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac with CleanMyMac 3.
Updated 5 years ago
MindNode - Easily keep track of your new ideas or plans on your Mac computer.
FruitJuice - Provides info about your battery and prolongs its life.
Command-Tab Plus
Command-Tab Plus - A convenient keyboard-centric app switcher for Mac OS.
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Removed 5 years ago
Disk Drill
Disk Drill - Recover lost data from various types of data storage containers.
Updated 5 years ago
Cardhop - Manage and interact with your contact list in a modern environment.
PowerPhotos - Organize your favorite pictures into libraries and find duplicated images.
BusyCal - Keep track of your important events and don't miss out your deadlines.
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Removed 5 years ago
Updated 5 years ago
Maintenance - Maintenance is a handy system maintenance and cleaning utitlity for your Mac.
MachineProfile - Collect and learn technical hardware information about your Mac.
Fitbit Connect
Fitbit Connect - Synchronize your Fitbit fitness device with your Mac.
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Removed 5 years ago
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word - Create, edit, collaborate, and share documents using Word for Mac.