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Manage your screen resolution to match given applications or monitors.
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SwitchResX is intended for managing your screen resolution so that it matches your exact needs according to the running app or the current use. The application supports creating resolution presets for multiple types of devices, including standard monitors, cinema displays, televisions and projectors. Likewise, it allows other effects such as mirroring and adjusting screen layout.

Configuring the tool is done through its pane, which is available via the System Preferences folder. Luckily, there are various tabs that let you go straight to the desired item. For instance, you can go to the General Settings tab to set the way the app should start: by user demand or automatically with a logon. Similarly, the second tab is called Display Sets, which lets you pick default sets or create your own. The Applications tab, in turn, is where you can have resolutions match the selected apps.

Likewise, if you go to the tab called SwitchResX Menus, you can configure the way you prefer to change screen resolution. In this regard, it is possible to do it via the menu bar or a contextual menu. Besides, you can manage the entries you want to appear there.

But, that is not all, the Desktop tab allows you to use a customize screen grid and place your icons exactly where you want them to appear every time you change the resolution. Not only can you adapt the screen resolution to a given app, but different types of monitors as well. This is done via the Displays tab, which also gives info about the currently plugged screen.

The Custom Resolutions tab lets you create new presets to meet your necessities. In this respect, you can create a resolution from scratch or modify an existing one. Finally, you can unleash virtually unlimited automation possibilities by using the Applescript code.

My experience using this product during the trial period was satisfactory in general. However, after that, I uninstalled it. Then, I realized I still needed to check a few more things. It was then that it failed to install correctly again, particularly its configuration pane.

All in all, SwitchResX helps you avoid the limitations of the built-in resolution changer by providing a set of other possibilities, particularly those related to customization and automation. The product can be tried without feature limitations for 10 days, so do not miss this opportunity to see if it works for you.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports various types of displays
  • Lets you create customized resolution
  • Allows automating through Applescript
  • Adapts screen resolution to the currently running app


  • There were issues when I tried to reinstall it
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