MachineProfile 1.3

Collect and learn technical hardware information about your Mac.
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MachineProfile is a Mac program designed to provide you with technical hardware details about your computer. This application might come in handy if you want to share your hardware details with a support employee.

Once the utility is launched on your Mac it immediately starts collecting information about your hardware. Three out of five of its screens display details about your computer. The System Info window provides you with details regarding the name of your Mac model, board identifier, processor name and model, etc. The Drive Info screen gives you access to the details about your drive's type, capacity, partitions, etc. The Battery Info window shows you various details regarding your battery.

You can share the fetched information via email or export it to your local directories.

Still, some of the offered details can be found without installing the app on your Mac. Also, the program doesn't provide you with information regarding I/O devices (USB ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.).

Even though this application comes without a price, I still don't think it's worth installing on your Mac. You can find better solutions for learning more information regarding your computer.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Immediately displays the info you need
  • Lets you export the offered report
  • You can print the report directly from the app's interface


  • Doesn't provide you with info regarding I/O devices
  • Some of the offered details can be found without installing the app on your Mac
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