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PDF Expert 2.5

Read, insert annotations, and merge multiple PDF documents into one.
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PDF Expert is a comprehensive software tool that allows individuals to manage PDF files and perform various operations to complete their daily tasks. With this tool, users can read PDF files, mark important info in books or documents, insert pre-designed stamps and perform many other operations.

As you start the application, you get welcomed by a minimalist interface, that has properly-delimited page sections and nicely shaped menu buttons. It comes equipped with a single theme color and very few advanced settings. The memory usage is quite low and it occupies low disk space.

For a PDF reader, it embeds a wide variety of features. Users can highlight their text, add text notes, draw custom objects, apply stamps or write notes. The content of the document can be restricted with a password, thus majorly improving the security of the file. Furthermore, individuals can create personalized signatures or search through a document for a specific word.

In conclusion, PDF Expert is a reliable PDF reader that encapsulates multiple functionalities. Yes, the license fee may be a bit overpriced, but it is definitely worth it.

John Saunders
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  • Supports text highlighting
  • Allows stamp creation
  • Has a password protection feature


  • Seems overpriced
  • Has a single skin theme
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