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Netflix may be getting ready to add an Ultra tier of service

It would seem that Netflix is trying to add a higher tier for its premium membership. According to an Italian blog called Tutto Android, the well-known streaming service is currently testing an Ultra tier, which allows its users to watch videos in Ultra HD on up to four devices at the same time. While having more options is generally good news for everyone, this higher tier might not be something that those who already have Premium memberships will like very much.

As you probably know, at the moment, Netflix has three tiers when it comes to paid membership: a $7.99 Basic one for a single device at a time, a $10.99 Standard for streaming on two devices at once and a Premium tier for watching the content on up to four screens at the same time. However, people are already speculating that if the company's new highest tier will also work on four devices at once, in the future, the already existing ones may get downgraded. According to the same previously mentioned Italian blog, the price of the Ultra tier will be somewhere around €16.99 which translates to about $19.99.

Just so you know, Netflix's Smita Saran has confirmed rumor about the ongoing trial, but there's no official news about when or if the Ultra tier will become a part of the streaming service's payment plans. Hopefully, it also won't be long until the work on the AV1 compression technology is completed as that format will do wonders for those who like watching the video streaming service in Ultra HD.