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A desktop messenger that allows using the services of Telegram.
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Telegram is a desktop messenger that uses the services with the same name. The program has a nice minimalistic interface which nobody should have problems to use. In fact, it looks quite similar to the mobile app, and even its window has the shape of a smartphone. It has four main tabs: contacts, phone calls, chat and settings.

It is impossible to write about this program without referring to the service that lends it its name. In this respect, it is important to know that security is definitely one of its major strengths. Several features support such allegation. For instance, all conversations travel encrypted, making it very hard for third-parties to intercept them. Moreover, although the data you sent is stored on the cloud to support synchronization, everything is kept in encrypted form.

Another advantage of Telegram that cannot be taken from granted is that you can use the services from practically any operating system. It is even possible to communicate through Telegram via its web interface, which does not require installing any additional program. However, using the desktop tool is more recommended because of being more convenient and supporting more services. Likewise, if you are concerned about saving the money spent on mobile data, it is good to know that Telegram has been reported to generate much less traffic compared with the competition. Finally, it is excellent that your Telegram account is not necessarily linked to your telephone number. Instead, you can use the security code that you receive from their servers.

Telegram comes with virtually all the features and functions found in other similar programs. Thus, you are notified when there is a new message, which you can turn off whenever you want. Likewise, it lets you send text and show your feeling through emoticons. And, if you feel to make a voice call, that is also allowed. Although video messages can be sent, it is a shame that Telegram does not support video calls yet. Moreover, it supports sharing files of any type. There is also the possibility of reaching a large number of people with a single message, which is hardly found in other similar services.

In general, Telegram is a compact, stable and intuitive program that allows accessing one of the best messaging services available nowadays. It is no wonder why so many people are moving to Telegram, mostly every time their competitors fail to give a proper service or their security is compromised.

Pedro Castro
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  • Nice and minimalistic interface
  • Powerful encryption algorithms for messages and data
  • Generates little data traffic
  • Supports sending any type of file
  • Supports voice calls


  • Does not support video calls
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