Stay 1.3

Ensures that your desktop windows are where you want them.

Stay is a Mac utility that might come in handy to people who usually work with multiple windows opened on their desktops. This program helps you save the positions and resolutions of the windows from your monitor and restore them with just one click later.

The tool lives on your Menu Bar from where you can access its settings and configure them according to your needs. To save the current windows layout, simply go to the main menu of the utility and select the "Store Windows for All Applications" option. To restore it, click the "Restore Windows" button from the aforementioned menu.

Sadly, the program didn't work properly during my testing. To be more exact, it failed to restore the opened windows to the saved locations or to resize the screens properly, things that are the main features of Stay. I also found many online reviews that were left by other Stay users saying they encountered the same issue, with one of the comments stating that the program no longer works under MacOS 10.13.

Still, considering the fact that the utility also has many good reviews, I'd say you should test Stay on your Mac, see how it works, and then decide if it's worth purchasing it for your computer or not.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Lets you define various global hotkeys
  • Multi-screen support
  • Uses minimum CPU resources


  • Didn't work in my testing
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