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Calculates how much time you have spent on each event on your calendar.
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TimeTable is a lightweight program that allows you to know exactly how much time you have spent on each event. It works by automatically importing data from Calendar, so it is indispensable that you use the built-in calendar to schedule your activities. You should know that it will ask you for permission to access such data.

TimeTable needs you to define the desired time period, which is used for calculations. Fortunately, there are preset periods: for one day, a week, a month and a year. Yet, you can use whatever frame you wish. It has a straightforward interface, which looks quite similar to a calendar, except that it shows additional information. Thus, for each event, you can know its location, start time, end time and URL, for instance. It also consolidates information about all the events shown, like average time as well as longest or shortest events. In the specific case of 24-hour events, it is possible to treat them as exceptions. Besides, finding or grouping a set of events is easy if you filter them by name.

In my opinion, the best advantage of TimeTable is that it lets you generate bills for your professional services. For this purpose, it is required to enable bill calculation. Moreover, you should provide a per-hour rate for each type of activity.

The program allows exporting the selected data to other software. In this regard, it is good to know that you can use such a universal format as CSV. Another option is to send the data over electronic mail. Yet, it only works if you use the system’s built-in email program. more

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  • Integrates with Calculator
  • Allows calculating bills
  • Exports to various programs


  • Does not support sending data using email clients other than Mail


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