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Free Manages your knowledge efficiently and enhances your productivity in writing.
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Lattics is an application that manages your knowledge efficiently and enhances your productivity in writing. The utility interconnects modular-like stored information and creates a dynamic knowledge network to improve your writing proficiency. You can save pieces of information the moment brilliant ideas cross your mind or supportive data are encountered, so you can reuse them later in your projects.

With this tool, you can clearly structure your future project by making mind maps and plotting plans. It allows you to save multiple articles related to a project and adjust the written content to fit your needs. Thus, you can format the text and arrange the content in columns. You can insert pictures, paragraphs, maths equations, tables etc. and change the position of your entries simply by drag-and-drop. The cards can store truncated information, famous quotes, bibliography data and whatever you consider relevant and useful for your work. Using the @ syntax, you can cite cards in articles. The information stored within a card can be included in multiple projects. The great thing about it is that whatever modification you make to the original note, it updates the targeted projects automatically. The content supports being backed up regularly, with the possibility of being restored to a previous state.

In short, Lattics is an intelligent writing tool that gathers in one place the information you collect for your projects. It provides smart features that help interconnecting ideas in the writing process.

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  • Stores data in a modular form
  • Can create mind maps and plot plans
  • Modifying data in cards updates in targeted projects
  • Supports English spelling check


  • Switching between articles and cards makes the app run slowly


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