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This application prevents your Mac from going to sleep mode.
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InsomniaX is a program designed for Apple laptops that prevents your Mac from going to sleep mode when the lid is closed. This application might prove to be of good use whenever you're playing a list of songs and wish to close the lid without stopping the music in the process.

After you launch this system utility it places an icon on your Menu Bar from where you can control the way it operates and launch its Readme file. Even though the program lacks a help manual you can easily figure out how to configure the app properly as it provides you with easy to set options.

The application helps you disable sleep mode when idle, the lid is closed or the laptop is on AC. I like the fact that InsomniaX also provides you with an option which, once enabled, it deactivates sleep mode for any desired interval of time.

Furthermore, the app allows you to define a global hotkey for idle sleep and sleep display options.

In closing, I'd say it's worth installing this application on your Mac as long as you're using an Apple laptop. InsomniaX is very simple to handle, works flawlessly, and comes without a price tag.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to handle
  • Uses a small amount of CPU resources
  • Free of charge


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